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Commercial Property And Casualty Insurance License In 2022

Last Updated: 28 Jan, 2022

In the world of property and casualty insurance, getting a commercial property and casualty insurance license in 2022 deems profitable. However, the rising small businesses have increased the demand for the commercial line as well. In this blog, we guide you on selling commercial insurance to small businesses. A commercial insurance can be more profitable than you think.  

Before you dive in, you should have an insurance career to sell commercial insurance. Or, if you want to start then you can learn how to become an insurance broker. The knowledges from the courses to become an insurance professional gears you to sell insurance. A commercial insurance protects business owners from potential losses such as liability and property damage.  

commercial insurance
commercial property and casualty insurance license

How To Start Your Career With Commercial Property And Casualty Insurance License In 2022?

If you want to become an insurance agent then you need to have a commercial property and casualty insurance license. According to NIPR, you should obtain a commercial property and casualty insurance license. Furthermore, you should complete a pre-licensing education first. Secondly, you should take the state examination to qualify for the license. Also, you should buy E&O insurance for yourself just in case. You can either list yourself in an insurance directory or contact insurance agencies.  

Also, there are many insurtech powered insurance brokerages that help new agents to build their book of business. For first-timers, we advise you to work under an insurance company or with an insurance brokerage. 

Why Choose To Sell Commercial Line? 

As the number of businesses grows, the demand for commercial insurance grows simultaneously. The premiums and commissions in the commercial line have higher payouts. Typically, a minimum commercial insurance premium starts from $500. It can even exceed thousands of dollars. Hence, agents selling commercial lines can make 10-15 percent on commissions in the first year. Similarly, they can make 8 to 12 percent on renewals.  

Also, you should pass the commercial insurance license test. You should make sure you update your license to the respective state department. If you want to be successful as an insurance agent, then you recommend you tap into the commercial line. The fast-paced industry can help your growth if you continue sharpening your skills. Also, you should boost your marketing and sales skills. The commercial line is very competitive. The clients are more specific towards their requirements. Hence, you should learn the internal functioning of the policies you sell. 

What is Property and Casualty License?

One of the two most prevalent insurance licenses for new insurance agents is a Property and Casualty License (P&C License). You can offer insurance products such as homeowner’s, vehicle, commercial property, and professional liability with a P&C license.

Which insurance license is the most difficult to obtain?

Each insurance license exam is unique in its difficulty. However, property insurance is less difficult to pass than casualty insurance.

Is the Property and Casualty Insurance test difficult?

The exam for a property and casualty insurance licenses is difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare. Learning what to expect on exam day is also beneficial.

commercial insurance
commercial insurance

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